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 The Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival (TDF2021) aims to create a place for mutual understanding between the hearing and Deaf communities through films.  TDF2021 introduces the perspectives and talents of the Deaf, including filmmakers and actors, to a larger audience.  Through providing an inspirational platform, we hope to influence future generations of filmmaking.


TDF2021 primary funding comes from ticket sales, subsidies, and support from a wide range of companies and other organizations who support our mission.  We are currently looking for companies who want to support TDF2021.


If your company or organization is considering sponsoring TDF2021, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a proposal and information about different ways your company or organization can help us.  We are also open to other ways of collaborating such as advertising sponsorships, etc - please inquire for more details.


Please ask any questions to the Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival Executive Committee at office@tdf.tokyo.