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TDF 2021 Film Entry Guidelines

The 3rd Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as the TDF) seeks out next-level artistry and unconventional expressions of creativity.  We are inviting talented filmmakers from around the world to participate.

The TDF can provide new creators with chances to gain exposure on an international stage.  Our wish is to spread the appreciation and passion of films that shape the future from Tokyo. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we are looking forward to your participation.

See you in the TDF 2021!

Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival Executive Committee

Read the application guideline below and download the entry form from the “entry” button at the bottom of the page to apply.

​​TDF2021 Entry Regulations

Article 1 <Qualification Requirements>

An applicant must meet the following requirements;

I.   The completion date of the film must be later than September 1, 2018.

II.  The film must be created from the perspective of the Deaf, or the theme of the film must be Deaf oriented. It is not considered as mandatory for the director or the cast to be Deaf.

III. All genres are accepted whether it is fiction or non-fiction (documentary).

     There are no requirements about the length of the film.

IV.   World/international premiere films or Asia premiere films are preferred. 

V.   As a general rule, the film must be submitted using digital material with English subtitles for the official screening.


Article 2 <How to Apply>

I. There is no charge for applying.

II.    An applicant can apply by filling in the entry form on the website.

III.  In addition to submitting the web entry form, an applicant must submit an online screener uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

IV.   Application period: from June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021

       *Any films submitted after this period cannot be accepted.

V.  The results will be communicated via email in September 2021 to all the applicants.

Ⅵ. Film materials submitted to TDF 2021 will not be returned to applicants nor destroyed. They will be retained and used solely in the TDF Film Library*.

Ⅶ. Entry Conditions

An applicant is responsible for all necessary copyright clearances for material used in their submitted works. TDF 2021 will not be held responsible for damages resulting from copyright infringement lawsuits from other parties.  Any such claims are the responsibility of the applicant.


Article 3 <Officially Selected Films: Material and Subtitles>

After officially being selected to be screened in TDF 2021, the following materials must be submitted to the TDF executive committee;

I.    The digital data of the film (such as ProRes422, H.264) both with and without English subtitles

II.   The digital data of the trailer (such as ProRes422, H.264)

III.  The data file of the original language subtitles (using text, cap, srt, Excel, etc)

IV.  The data file of the English subtitles (using text, cap, srt, Excel, etc)


These digital materials must be submitted to the specified address of the TDF 2021 office by external hard drive in September 2021. Alternatively, it can be sent via WeTransfer or Google Drive if the total size of the materials is appropriate.

All the selected films will be officially screened with English and Japanese subtitles.


Article 4 <Officially Selected Films: People’s Choice Award, After Screening>

I.   All officially selected films will be eligible for the People’s Choice Award during TDF 2021. Every audience member will be able to cast one vote for a film that they like. The People’s Choice Award will go to the film that collected the most votes.

II.  After screening, film materials will be retained and used solely in the TDF Film Library*. All subsequent public screenings using the film will require an agreement between the rights owner and the TDF Executive Committee.

*The TDF Film Library is planned to be established in 2022.

Please send a Word file via E-mail or submit an online entry form.

June 1, 2021 ― August 31, 2021


Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival Executive Committee



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